Sunday, May 27, 2018


In May 2017 the biggest ransomware attack in history broke out. Known as "WannaCry," the now infamous ransomware spread like wildfire, affecting PCs around the world. One year on, the same malware is still prevalent.

Diving Deep and Finding Vulnerabilities in Modern Web Applications

As more and more companies shift the responsibility of security earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), DevOps teams are being tasked with detecting vulnerabilities within their applications.

How to manage your professional services firm wisely

For professional services firms, operational efficiency is a critical driver of profitability. How can firms today ensure that they are using their assets optimally and maximizing revenue potential?

Mobile devices: The ‘last mile’ to enterprise biometrics

Authenticating who is truly behind any action, whether it's logging into Twitter or accessing a bank account, is the biggest challenge in security today.

Cyberinsurance Tries to Tackle the Unpredictable World of Hacks

Insuring against hacks and breaches can be a lucrative business--but also presents unique challenges.

Unleash the power of analytics for your professional services firm

Professional services firms that are embracing digital innovation can use analytics to gain insights to drive efficiency and better client outcomes.

What Makes SIEM Security Alerts Actionable? Automatic Context

Learn how to add context to your security data to more effectively pinpoint threats and mitigate damage.

City Of London Police Launch New Cyber Initiative For Square Mile

The City of London Police is launching a drive to make the Square Mile more resilient to cyber attacks, as the financial services sector sharpens its focus on defending against online criminals.

5 ways automation supports client experience in the professional services industry

Automation is becoming a more persistent and necessary component of professional services organizations.


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A Day in the Life of a CISO: Robert Ganim, Mizuho...

This is the first of a regular series of features that outline a typical day in the life of a chief information security officer, who are at the front lines of defending organizations against the rising tide of cybercrime.


What Your Business Can Learn from WannaCry

The biggest cyber attack began last week, spreading to more than 150 countries and infecting 200,000 machines. The outbreak is a ransomware threat, WanaCrypt0r...