Saturday, February 24, 2018


Bitcoin! Ethereum! Ripple! Do we have your attention yet?

6 Ways To Make Smart Cities Future-Proof Cybersecurity Cities

Using IoT, analyzing big data, putting services online--all herald the digital transformation of cities. Becoming digital means a new life in the cybersecurity trenches.

What Would a Mobile Workspace Look Like?

What is a mobile workspace? What does it look like, and what are its characteristics? A more fundamental question is: What is the business need?

Cybersecurity is ‘greatest concern’ at Senate threats hearing

At the Senate Intelligence Committee's annual "Worldwide Threats" hearing, the top US intelligence agencies put technology front and center.

Equifax hackers may have stolen more data than originally revealed

A document submitted by Equifax to the Senate Banking Committee shows attackers may have also stolen tax ID numbers, additional driver's license and credit card details, email addresses and phone numbers.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Faith In ‘Trusted’ Devices

Many forward-thinking companies have recognized the benefits of remote work and have adapted accordingly. However, allowing anywhere, anytime access to corporate data creates new risks that are difficult to address with most security solutions.

4 Steps to Harden Your Cloud Environment

According to a recent report from Kaspersky Lab, almost half of enterprises that use the cloud lack a clear understanding of where their data resides and so really don't know if it is secure.

Bank Cybersecurity Heads Need More Face Time With CEOs

Just 8 percent of cybersecurity heads at U.S. financial firms report to the chief executive officer directly and more should do so to improve decision-making, according to the Financial Services Information Sharing & Analysis Center.

GDPR – A Game-Changing Opportunity for Data Processors and Controllers

The EU isn't sitting back when it comes to the theft of personal data. To fight back, the EU has passed GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), a single set of standards to protect the personal data and privacy of all EU citizens.


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A Day in the Life of a CISO: Robert Ganim, Mizuho...

This is the first of a regular series of features that outline a typical day in the life of a chief information security officer, who are at the front lines of defending organizations against the rising tide of cybercrime.


What Your Business Can Learn from WannaCry

The biggest cyber attack began last week, spreading to more than 150 countries and infecting 200,000 machines. The outbreak is a ransomware threat, WanaCrypt0r...