Executive Roundup: December 20, 2017


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8 cybersecurity trends to watch for 2018

The average size of a data breach increased nearly two percent in 2017. Clearly there’s still plenty of work to do. Here are some of the trends, challenges and threats that await us all in 2018. 

Stopping a Microsoft Office 365 Attack — What Are Your Options?

Microsoft Office is the most deployed app in enterprise businesses around the world. Around 1.2 billion people use an MS Office app of some kind, and MS Office 365 -Microsoft’s monthly subscription office productivity app – is becoming increasingly popular.

These 3 departments are causing the biggest cybersecurity problems at your office

Certain employees in a company may be more susceptible to attacks than others. Here’s why.

6 Best Practices for Effective IT Troubleshooting

System monitoring and troubleshooting can be a time-consuming and frustrating activity. It’s not unusual for IT folks to spend hours finding and fixing a problem that could have been resolved in 10 minutes had better troubleshooting tools and processes been in place.

What every CEO needs to know about ERP

Dynamic companies include complex functions that often seem to operate independently. Operations, IT, finance, and marketing entities may act independently in their daily operations but are interdependent, closely woven groups.