Executive Roundup: May 2, 2018


The Cybersecurity Journal collects and posts the most recent, most important industry articles here on the blog in this bi-weekly series.

The management drawbacks of virtualization

IT managers turn to virtualization to effectively scale down on cost, boost efficiency, and maximize space in their server rooms. Yet, what they didn’t expect were the drawbacks involved in this technology solution.

How to Get Everyone Attuned to Cybersecurity: Ways to Raise Security Awareness

Your organization’s security stance must be supported by everyone in the company, every day, in all that they do. However, people are focused on their jobs, not necessarily on security.

How to Remediate Vulnerabilities Across Multiple Offices

Vulnerability management can be a haphazard process for distributed offices. In this post, learn how to systemize it with these four steps so no vulnerabilities fall behind.

The State of Cloud Adoption

Take a look at why businesses are switching to a cloud solution model in droves. With this infographic, we dive into some helpful insights into the cloud.

What Data Protection Officers Need to Know for GDPR

As we count down to May 25, what should be the top priorities of newly named DPOs?