Executive Roundup: October 11, 2017


The Cybersecurity Journal collects and posts the most recent, most important industry articles here on the blog in this bi-weekly series.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Just when you think it is safe, another global hack hits the headlines, and the cycle of frustration and worry begins anew. Are my systems safe? What would I do if our data was compromised? Is my IT prepared for a full-scale hacker attack?

Safe Browsing 101:  How to Protect Employees

On the ever-changing cyberthreat landscape, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to fight cybercrime when the enemies are so diverse–from nation-states to rogue hackers to organized criminal networks.

Six reasons why your management team wants ERP, but doesn’t know it yet

Speed is essential today. Companies need real-time information, analysis, and insights. Leaders need to leverage this information to make critical, well-informed decisions in the moment.

Mind The Gap: Shrinking The Distance Between NOC And SOC

Companies cannot afford extended network downtime, any more than they can afford cybercriminal activity targeting systems running the business or their information assets. Unfortunately, enterprise security and performance teams rarely operate as holistically as the forces they’re fighting against.

8 Online Safety Tips for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

You might associate October with scary ghouls and goblins, but it’s the nonstop cyberattacks that are most frightening. Thankfully, October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), a time when security professionals come together to share tools and resources to mitigate threats and attacks.